Wayfarers Space

We are a community of unschoolers, dropouts, and exits creating an alternative and better environment for ourselves, one that the school was supposed to provide, but didn’t. We aim to support each other in getting educated in the most adventurous and audacious way possible by undertaking the most ambitious goals.


Rethinking Education: Building a New Path from First Principles

After years of frustrations - we are trying to build something better for ourselves. And we want to find better ways to educate ourselves, learn about the world, and create things of massive value.

Key Principles for Progress

Definite optimism. Systemic understanding of the world is crucial. Crazy ideas are the ideas. Fallibilism. Techno-progress and thinking about the future. Don’t be where majority of society is at. Mediocrity is alluring. Winning is underrated. Creating value is paramount.

Our Lab of Dreams — Beyond Boundaries & Classrooms

Our plan is to eventually build a physical lab dedicated to learning, experimenting, and creating. The thought of having a place where we can collaborate in creating original things with like-minded individuals fills us with immense excitement.

Why we are doing this

As we’re not following the formal path of education, we want to create an environment where like minded people can come together to discuss and learn about important things together. We are being very aware and mindful of the things that a few universities do provide like network benefits, credibility to stand apart and a room full of smart people. So we aim to tackle these points in a new and original way, as it should be in the age of the internet.

About us

We’re a group of friends from India. In the past we’ve built software, community and worked at startups.

Join the movement

We are in the initial stages of building a community and would love for you to join the early group to shape the way we move forward.