Year Zero — get back to the future

An annual roundtable for autodidacts and dropouts organized by Wayfarers Space to come together to discuss how to make the future look like the future and understand the world audaciously by undertaking a path different than that of traditional route of schools.

Join us for our first round table event.

To be announced
Bengaluru, India
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What is the event

“Year Zero” is a gathering designed to meet and discuss the future and the world. Here are a few things we plan to do:

  • Roundtable discussions with subject experts, founders, and interesting individuals around our theme of getting back to the future, touching on topics ranging from Qualia to Quantum physics.
  • Dialogues about the future of Wayfarers Space, creating labs for a better environment, navigating unconventional paths, and building personal communities.
  • Flâneuring — mindful strolling through cities, taking time to observe and absorb the surroundings without a specific destination in mind.
  • A no-plan “adventure” retreat at the end.

What is “Year Zero”

Year Zero, as conceptualized for this event, is an initiative to start anew, rethinking our approach to education. For us, it signifies starting from scratch and thinking from first principles about educating oneself, while the theme is inspired from the contrarian concept of the great stagnation.

Who is this event for

This event is specifically designed for those carving their own path — the unschoolers, dropouts, and unconventionalists. Apply if this resonates with you.

Why we are doing this

  • To provide a social environment for like-minded individuals, full of optimism and intelligence.
  • To kickstart the Wayfarers Space community in India and around the world, navigating this relatively new path together. Essentially, creating a “tribe” for those who plan to do bold things.
  • To initiate a decade-long movement with Wayfarers Space for creating better environments, specifically building the technological future.
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the world, enabling us to do interesting things.

About us

We are a group of young people from India, optimistic about technology and the world. Our team has people working in deep learning, hardware, genomics, software, and design.

Our long term goals

  • To build a better environment for learning and progress than traditional school systems by establishing labs worldwide.
  • To make ‘Year Zero’ the go-to event for discussing how to get back to the future.

A note for you

There are still things to be figured out. There are still aspects to be figured out. You have the opportunity to join the team early, help us organize this, and be part of the movement from its beginning stages.